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We are now operating on skeleton staffing to observe social distancing


Practice Hours
Monday – Thursday 830am – 5pm


If you need immediate HELP, please contact your GP or present to your nearest emergency department/hospital

If you would like to schedule an appointment with any of our specialists, therapists or psychologists, please telephone the practice on (07) 3369 9999 and request the next available appointment.

**Important Note – Medicare** if you would like to be eligible for a medicare rebate from our psychologists and therapists you MUST obtain a Mental Health Care Plan from your GP. You are most welcome to book an appointment as a Private Patient (no GP referral), however, you will not be eligible for government medicare rebates. Please call Medicare for more information or talk to your GP.

** ALL Medical Specialists at Brisbane Specialist Suites require a GP referral.

**Important Note – NDIS** the NDIS does not support medical doctor consultations. The NDIS only supports non-medical consultations. ONLY MEDICARE supports medical doctor consultations.

Alternatively, your referring doctor can fax a referral to our practice receptionists on (07) 33196443. After receiving the referral, the practice secretaries will contact you to arrange an appointment. You are most welcome to email your referral if you do not have a fax machine.

Please ensure the most up-to-date contact details are listed on the referral or letter we receive.



Recovery Is Possible

Patients come to see us for a range of reasons.  Whether you are struggling with relationship difficulties, mood or anxiety symptoms, grief and loss issues, or work or study stressors, our team will be able to assist you.

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COVIDsafe Policy from 14 August 2021

Dear valued patient and support person,

The COVID pandemic is an anxiety-provoking time for many patients and visitors attending this practice. It is currently the case that:

  • A significant number of the Australian population are still not vaccinated to COVID.
  • COVID spreads easily amongst school-aged children, and this has caused a previous Brisbane-wide lockdown.
  • COVID can spread easily between individuals who may, and may not, have symptoms.

This practice welcomes many patients and visitors with complex medical needs that increase the risk of serious harm from COVID. As a result, we are supportive of all public health directives that have been shown to reduce the spread COVID to protect all members of the community. At Brisbane Specialist Suites, we are trying our best to be “COVIDsafe” for everyone.

Please wear a face mask on entering Brisbane Specialist Suites

It is now practice policy at Brisbane Specialist Suites that:

  • All patients and visitors (including children) are asked to wear a face mask before entering this practice, whilst moving through the practice, and whilst seated in the waiting areas, to reduce the risk of COVID transmission between individuals.
  • Children under 12 years of age who cannot wear a face mask when in the common areas should outside the practice with their support person for their appointment to commence. Our Reception Staff or your Doctor/ Clinician will call you when your appointment is about to start so that you can walk straight into your consultation room. Please let us know in advance if you require this service.

FAQ: Will my child and/ or I need to wear a mask when we are in our face-to-face appointment?

Each individual Doctor or Clinician will conduct their own risk assessment and provide advice on whether each patient or visitor should, or should not, continue to wear a face mask during a face-to-face consultation.

During any period in which masks are mandated or recommended in the community, Doctors and Clinicians may elect to wear face masks or offer telehealth (online) appointments.

FAQ: Can I request a telehealth (online) appointment if I want?

Patients and families can, at any time and for any reason, request a telehealth appointment if they would prefer this mode of treatment rather than a face-to-face consultation.

Please advise Reception Staff well before your appointment on (07) 33699999 or via email on if you would like to request a telehealth appointment.

FAQ: What if my child and/ or I have a medical exemption to wearing a face mask?

During any period in which local Public Health has mandated or recommended the use of face masks in healthcare settings, all patients who possess a valid medical exemption from wearing a face mask must (either):
1. Conduct their appointment via telehealth, or
2. If a face-to-face consultation is required and the Doctor/ Clinician has agreed to provide a face-to-face consultation, proof of a negative COVID test result that has been obtained within 36 hours of their appointment must be provided on entry to the practice.

Please check with Reception Staff regarding the preference of your Doctor/ Clinician prior to attending the practice.

FAQ: What if my child and/ or I have respiratory symptoms or feel unwell?

All patients of any age with respiratory symptoms or any other symptoms of feeling unwell attending the practice must notify Reception Staff as soon as possible prior to the appointment. In such circumstances, patients must (either):
1. Conduct their appointment via telehealth, or
2. If a face-to-face consultation is necessary and the Doctor/ Clinician has agreed to provide a face-to-face consultation, proof of a negative COVID test result within 36 hours of their appointment must be provided on entry to the practice and a face mask must be worn throughout the consultation.

Please note, where a legal medical exemption from compliance with Public Health Orders applies, we accept it is your right to not wear a face mask in accordance with the Public Health mandated requirements.

Please continue to work respectfully with us as we try to maintain the health and safety of all our staff, patients, and visitors by ensuring you comply with our COVID testing requirements prior to your attendance at our practice.

Social Distancing

Please note, it remains the case that a patient must not attend the practice with more than one support person in keeping with the practice COVIDsafe Plan.

  • If more than one support person is required at any appointment, they must join the consultation via telehealth or telephone.
  • Visitors who attend the premises exceeding this limit will be asked to leave the premises.

Thank you for working with us to promote the health and safety of everyone seeking mental health support from our team.

We are proud to support you all during this difficult time.

The Team at Brisbane Specialist Suites