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Merry Christmas

Dr Dinah Blunt is a specialist anaesthetist in private practice. A few years ago Dinah witnessed too many colleagues becoming disenfranchised, cynical, and depressed. A few were even driven to suicide. She was struck by the realization that as a medical practitioner she wasn’t working in the health industry but the sickness industry. At the same time she developed an interest in the better management of highly anxious preoperative patients and better outcomes for them post operation. This lead her towards investigating the positive benefits of neurolinguistic programming and hypnotherapy. 

She saw a great deal of evidence that the affects of these  treatments was very real. She embarked on a series of studies to equip herself with skills she needed to lead patients and colleagues towards a level of vitality beyond merely the absence of disease. Dinah formalised her studies undertaking: Master Practitioner Neurolinguistic Programming (2014), a Certification as an Ultimate Coach Professional (2019), and a Diploma in Clinical Hypnosis (current study). 

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Qualifications: M.B., Ch.B.,1988., DA (UK) 1992., F.F.A.R.C.S.I., 1995., F.A.N.Z.C.A., 1998., CPM (ANZCA) 1998., Master Practitioner NLP., Certificate in Hypnotherapy.

Special Interests: Neurolinguistic Programming, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Personal Excellence Coaching

Treatments: Neurolinguistic Programming, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Personal Excellence Coaching, Professional Coaching

Rebate Available: Medicare rebate available when referred under a Mental health Plan from your GP

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Child Therapy

Children are brought to see us for a variety of reasons. Most commonly, children come to see us if they are struggling with Anxiety or Mood symptoms. Other reasons parents bring their children to see us include behavioural difficulties or challenging behaviour, concerns about sleep, school based anxiety issues, and academic difficulties.  As a multidisciplinary team with extensive experience in the treatment of children, our Specialists at Brisbane Specialist Suites are able to assist you and your child with a wide range of conditions.

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