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We understand that you are unique, so we provide tailored solutions to meet your needs.

Our Brisbane team support individuals and families who are seeking to optimise health, improve body image and self-acceptance, are struggling with medical conditions that negatively affecting emotional or physical wellbeing, as well those who are experiencing the metabolic effects of prescribed medications.

What is involved in assessment?

Due to common and often under-diagnosed medical complications of eating disorders, we recommend that all patients are reviewed by one of our our Medical Specialists. If you would like to see one of our therapists, referrals can also be made directly to members of our therapeutic team by your General Practitioner or treating Specialist doctor.

For paediatric patients, assessment may include:

Your Specialist will also request collateral information from prior treatment providers (GP, psychologist) as well as school (teacher, guidance officer or school chaplain).

For adolescent and adult patients, assessment may include:

For patients who are struggling with severe nutritional deprivation or purging, your Specialist will recommend blood tests. Your Specialist may also ask you to obtain further investigations as required to ensure your continued medical stability.

What treatment can we expect?

Our team can offer appropriately skilled nutritional & psychological support from a Dietitian, Psychologist, Psychotherapist or Psychiatrist with experience in Eating Disorders. If you are unsure of which therapist to see, come and talk to one of our Psychiatrists first and we will match you to the right therapist depending on your preferences and interpersonal style.

Psychotherapeutic sessions will generally occur weekly or fortnightly, and will be tailored to your unique needs. Rather than use a strict manualised treatment approach, our Specialists use a range of therapeutic strategies to meet your needs from a range of treatment modalities including:

Caregivers are encouraged to be strong participants the therapeutic process when possible. Your Specialists at Brisbane Specialist Suites will also teach caregivers skills so that they have the knowledge and confidence to support your recovery at home.

Medication can be considered when psychological strategies have failed, or when anxiety or mood symptoms are disabling and distressing. Medication should only be considered under the supervision of a Psychiatrist.


Recovery Is Possible

Patients come to see us for a range of reasons.  Whether you are struggling with relationship difficulties, mood or anxiety symptoms, grief and loss issues, or work or study stressors, our team will be able to assist you.

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